What’s going on this week at Riverside Farm

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We just LOVE this time of year at Riverside Farm.  We’ve just passed the longest day of the year, wedding season is in full swing, and things are happening all around us!


One of the things that makes weddings in our barns so magical is the sense of history and groundedness you feel here.  You can sense it in every beam and every board, and we’ve just resurfaced the vintage wood floors.  It’s hard to quantify the difference between a floor like this and a wood laminate, but there is a tangible difference.



We’ve also taken advantage of the long days to repaint the exteriors of all of our barns.








And then the best part of the season, the farm comes to life!  Sweet Georgia P’s, our on site organic farm partner, has just planed the lower field with 400 summer squash, 400 zucchini, 400 cucumbers and 2000 string bean plants!  What a bounty!  We picked up our first share of the season from the Sweet Georgia P CSA last week, that is the true joy of Vermont summer!




Now we pause, breathe in the summer views, then get back to making the most of every long summer Vermont day here at Riverside Farm.

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Real Riverside Farm Vermont Wedding – Amy and Matt

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What a great way to start the season, with an incredibly down to earth couple.  Amy and Matt were fun and easy going and made the most of their time here at Riverside Farm with friends and family.  The group took full advantage of our Vermont location and spent tons of time outside playing lawn games, hiking and just being.


It almost seems old fashioned, but it was incredibly sweet when Matt and Amy took the time to visit EVERY table at the reception dinner so they could chat with each of their guests.


One of our favorite, and unique, wedding touches: their thank you gift of roast coffee beans! A gift with a story, as Matt used a bag of coffee from the very same shop to hide and transport their engagement ring before he proposed.






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Welcome Spring 2015

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A long winter makes spring in Vermont that much sweeter.  We wish we could share the true feeling it brings.  The photos convey a small piece of the beauty, but if you come here in spring breathe in the spring air, hear the bird songs, and feel the sun on your skin.


This time of year Riverside Farm and our little town of Pittsfield Vermont comes to life.  Today we welcome the Peak Ultra racers to our Green Mountain Trails.  We welcome spring birds, buds and flowers too.  And then we welcome a season of couples, families and friends.


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Real Wedding – Sara + Adam

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As we begin the 2015 summer wedding season we discovered a few more stunning weddings from 2014 we never had a chance to share.  Looking at these photos from Sara and Adam’s wedding by Caprisio we can almost feel the awe of a gorgeous starlit summer evening in the meadow.  This photo by Caprisio captures that feeling perfectly.




And then there are the details.  The tender nervous moment when bridesmaids help the bride button her wedding dress, that card with the bride’s and groom’s names on the door of the bridal suite that makes it all finally feel “real,” the lemonade in mason jars that tell all the guests it’s time to relax and enjoy country elegance .









Of course the most powerful detail of all is the natural beauty that surrounds our restored farm barns.  The meadows, the mountains, the woods and the trails.


Yes, we’re ready for a 2015 full of weddings, bring on the joy!

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Vermont Wedding Planning Resources

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We’ve worked with so many wonderful creative couples.  Over the years our team has taken many of the lessons we’ve learned from those weddings and shared them in posts on this blog.  Meeting with newly engaged couples we realized putting that library of resources together in one place might might make life just a little bit easier for them.  And that’s what we love to do, make life easier for happy couples.  Here are a few of our favorite articles:




First Things First

If you’re already planning your wedding, it’s likely you’re already engaged.  But in case you haven’t popped the question yet here’s some advice.  We surveyed our couples and friends in the wedding business to find out the best way to propose to your sweetheart.

Advice: How to Propose

Once that’s done, you might be wondering if you should schedule an engagement shoot.

6 Reasons to Make Time for an Engagement Shoot


Starting Your Wedding Plan

Here are a couple of articles we hope will get you started.

Planning Your Wedding, The First Steps

How to Choose your Barn Wedding Venue

7 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Wedding a Success

6 Reasons to Consider a Spring Wedding


Choosing and Working with Wedding Professionals

It truly takes a team to bring your vision to life and ensure you and your guests have a day to remember.  We asked some of the professionals we work with to share their advice.

Caterer’s Tasting Session – What You Need To Know

What Your Wedding Photographer is Probably Thinking

10 Wedding Day Makeup Tips from Pro




Outdoor and Farm Wedding Inspiration Ideas

11 Rustic Wedding Place Card Ideas

To Cake or Not To Cake

Riverside Farm Wedding Invitation Ideas

Classic Farm Wedding Details

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Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

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Riverside Farm Vermont Wedding - JL Photography

Riverside Farm Vermont Wedding – JL Photography


Tents are Beautiful

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding we highly recommend a tent.  A tent keeps the feeling of the outdoors, but gives shade from sun and cover in case of rain.  At Riverside Farm many of our couples have an outdoor ceremony in our wedding meadow, then walk up the hill for a tented cocktail hour before going indoors in our Stonewell Barn for a reception and dinner.

Pro tip: add a floor or put your tent over a patio for your guests comfort.


Wedding Tents at Riverside Farm Vermont

Wedding Tents at Riverside Farm Vermont


Don’t Forget Sunscreen
Mom’s right, wear your sunscreen! Wear it for all the obvious reasons, and here’s one more: If you don’t want sunburned faces appearing in your formal wedding photos wear sunscreen.

Pro tip: apply sunscreen before hair and makeup.


Sunny Outdoor Vermont Wedding -

Sunny Outdoor Vermont Wedding -


What Are Heel Caps?

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding many of the women there will be wearing heels.  Walking in grass can be tricky so we suggest heel caps.  They slip on to protect high heels and make walking easier.

Pro tip: give heel caps to the bridal party as a gift.


Have you tried heel caps?

Have you tried heel caps?


Ceremony Beverage

Welcome guests to your outdoor wedding with a special drink.  In summer lemonade keeps guests cool, in cooler weather we suggest hot cider.

Pro tip: Serve drinks in mason jars with handles.  They’re cute and easy to hold.



Serve your wedding guests a special drink.


Throw Flower Petals

Instead of rice, give guests flower petals to throw over the newly married bride and groom.  They’re beautiful, smell great, are biodegradable and don’t harm birds the way rice can.

Pro tip: Create little bags of dried Lavender flowers and set it out for tossing, it’s about the same size as rice.


Throw flowers instead of rice.

Throw flowers instead of rice.


Lawn Games

Lawn games are great icebreakers at your rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding.  Putting out games like bocce, horseshoes, croquet and cornhole give guests a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get to know one another before your wedding.

Pro tip: Hand out “BRIDE” and “GROOM” T-shirts, pick teams and set up a tournament.


Wedding Lawn Games

Wedding Lawn Games


Some Practical Advice

That beautiful meadow in the middle of nowhere might not be your best bet. Be sure the venue you choose is ready for the weather.  Is there an indoor option on site in case the weather turns?  What about access to resources like restrooms, electrical outlets and kitchen equipment?  Does the venue have a way to get relatives to the ceremony who might have a harder time getting around, we use golf carts.

Pro tip: See if your venue has white umbrellas on hand for shelter from sun or rain.


Wedding umbrellas, rain or shine.

Wedding umbrellas, rain or shine.



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Evening by a Vermont campfire.

Evening by a Vermont campfire.









Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

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photos – Susan Stripling, Stephanie C. Olsen & Caprisio.


Wedding cakes are such an integral part of weddings they’ve become the symbol that represents weddings!  So how does a modern couple respect the tradition, but break free?  If you’re planning a rustic elegant wedding you’re not looking for a cookie cutter experience, but that doesn’t mean you want to cut your ties to history and tradition completely.

photos - Jose Villa, Cronin Hill & JL Photography.

photos – Jose Villa, Cronin Hill & JL Photography.


We’ve had the good fortune here at Riverside Farm of working with creative couples that have come up with a variety of solutions to the wedding cake dilemma.  Some couples chose to have a wedding cake, but display it or decorate it in a unique way that represents their personality as a couple. Some couples have served other wedding treats and deserts.  Couples celebrating the Vermont outdoorsy lifestyle might like s’mores over the fire.  For a folksy farm wedding feel pies are a great option.  Want cake, but can’t decide on the flavors?  How about a cupcake bar?  Looking for a desert guests can bring home with them?  Maybe a free penny candy shop.  Looking to entertain your guests, while celebrating the joy of youth?  How about a Make Your Own Sundae bar.  Here are photos of a few unique dessert ideas and displays we hope will inspire you.


photo - JL Photography

photo – JL Photography


photos – Karen Von Voigtlander, JL Photography & Caprisio.



photo – Cronin Hill


photo – Barrie Fisher Photographers



photos – Cronin Hill, Melissa Mullen & Kingdom Wedding Photography.



photo – Barrie Fisher Photographers


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Our Favorite Covered Bridge Photos

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Vermont’s covered bridges are the epitome of rustic elegance.  They embody the character and beauty that Vermont is known (and loved) for.  We’ve collected a few of our favorite photos featuring our on site covered bridge here at Riverside Farm in Vermont.  Couples with outdoor weddings in our meadow or woods love to document their celebration using our covered bridge as a backdrop.



Covered Bridge at Riverside Farm | photo Susan Stripling



Covered Bridge Riverside Farm | photo Jose Villa



Covered Bridge Riverside Farm | photo Heather DiPiazza



Covered Bridge at Riverside Farm | photo – Wayne & Angela



Covered bridge at Riverside Farm | photo Jose Villa



Covered Bridge at Riverside Farm | photo Barrie Fisher


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Summer Wedding Video at Amee Farm Lodge

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Today we’re happy to share with you Janna & Don’s wedding video.  The video was shot by Love & Perry at our partner venue Amee Farm lodge.

The video begins with the world’s friendliest goats, they live right here in town at Sweet Georgia P’s at Amee Farm.  Our Amee Farm Lodge is a great option for couples looking for a smaller intimate venue with a rustic Vermont Farm feel, but still with the comforts of our fully restored lodge.



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How to Propose to your Sweetheart

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Couple walking together

Riverside Farm Wedding   [Photo: Cronin Hill]


We LOVE weddings, and without wedding proposals, there would be no weddings.  In honor of Valentine’s day this year we decided to help all of our love smitten friends with a little marriage proposal advice.  You may have seen the “how to pop the question” survey on our blog last week.  We’ve collected the answers here and hope we might have a small part in bringing joy to a few couples this Valentine’s day.


#1 Should the Groom Ask the Bride’s Parents for Her Hand in Marriage?

Some advice sites suggested that ” Asking for a bride’s hand in marriage, which typically means formally asking her father for permission to marry, is an old-fashioned tradition that is rarely followed nowadays. ”  But you disagreed.  In fact almost 75% of you said the bride’s parent’s should be asked.  Maybe we’ve come far enough as a society that we understand this doesn’t undermine a woman’s control of her own destiny, rather it’s a lovely way to show respect for her family and her history.

Most of you agreed it was not so much the location, as the thought behind it.  Some of your comments: “Somewhere well thought out or meaningful to the development of your relationship” and “Where ever your heart leads you.”  There were some quirky suggestions too ” At a ‘Kool & The Gang’ concert…during ‘Cherish,” we wonder if that’s a hint for someone.


 #2 What is the Best Location to Pop the Question?

Answers were mixed on this one, and there were a lot of comments.  The most popular of our suggestions by a small margin was “on a mountaintop,” but maybe that’s because we have a few perfect mountain tops right here.  We’re partial to the hand built cobble shelter at the top of the Stone Steps behind Riverside Farm, but Killington Mountain Peak has a gorgeous view and can be accessed by the K1 Gondola just a few miles south of here.


#3 Should You Have the Ring Before You Propose?

Close to 75% of you said yes, have the ring before proposing, but your comments were more varied.  Here are 3 of your comments that reflect 3 points of view: ” yes… but i thinking picking the ring should be a joint decision. The wife has to wear it for the rest of her life, so she better love it,”   “Not necessary. I don’t need a ring so just a romantic gesture is nice,” and this very pragmatic piece of advice ” If you want it to go well.”


#4  Is it Old Fashioned or Romantic to Get Down on One Knee?

While only about 65% answered “Romantic,” a full 20% of you replied with the comment “Both, old fashioned and romantic!”  We say go for it.


 #5 Anything Else you Think Couples Need to Know?

We think this one comment sums it all up: “You will always remember “how he/she proposed”. The asking doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. If your doing the asking, make it memorable, thoughtful and with love. And hey, running a race at a Vermont ski mountain always makes a great story!”
Happy Valentine’s Day!  We hope you’ll share your successful proposal stories with us!


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